Sea Stars

This bright and colorful game from Hothead Games Inc. is an uncovered beauty in the app world.  This Jetpack Joyride-esque game has simple mechanics and wonderful esthetics which provide an engaging experience thats perfect for car rides, commercial breaks, or watching that boring chick flick with your girlfriend.  Its achievement system and customizability add a great replay value and the adorable little animals will leave you smiling as they flip through the air. Seastars2This game is very easy to play.  Simply hold down your finger to make your creature dive to the ocean floor and release it to make him spring to the surface and fly into the air.  Collect coins by hitting them in the air or underwater, which can be used to buy new characters and powerups.  Watch out for jellyfish, hermit crab rockets, sea urchins, and icebergs because if you hit one, the round is over.  Swim into a star and you will be picked up by one of four helpers, like Dr. Scuttles the crab. Each helper the way your character moves in a different way for a short time.  The achievement system is very well thought out, in that there are three available at any given time which give varying amounts of stars towards leveling up.  Achievements get harder as you get closer to leveling up, starting with simple tasks like jumping 15 times and get very difficult like swimming 6000 meters in one game.  The difficult achievements can be frustrating but they are very rewarding when completed. Seastars3 There are a couple of beefs I have with this game.  For one, There are no in-game leaderboards to compare your feats with your friends or even personal statistics. There should at least be records of your longest swim, overall distance traveled, and other stats like that.  There is a record for longest run but it isn’t readily available in the game, it has to be accessed in the gamecenter app.  The second problem I have with this game is the in-app purchases.  I understand that there has to be some way to make money in a free game, but it costs 4-6 dollars just to buy one locked character.  The cost should be more like 4 dollars to unlock all of the characters.  Very stingy if you ask me.
The Good

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Simple mechanics
  • Good replay value

The Bad

  • No stats/ Leaderboards
  • Steep prices for in-app purchases

A good time wasting game that looks good and plays well with plenty of content to work towards completing.

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