Sky Burger

The King of food themed games is here, and ironically enough it actually is about burgers. I first played this game a few years back and had some great feelings of nostalgia when I re-downloaded it, though I was disappointed to find that they had added a few video ads. Following a somewhat familiar type of food stacking game the objective is to pile patties and condiments to ridiculous heights while avoiding the unwanted ones. You may have seen it in the form of something else like ice cream scoops or sandwiches but Nimblebit has really taken this type of game to the next level with Sky Burger.

By introducing specific orders like one consisting of 24 slices of cheese and some pickles, they keep it fresh every time you start the game. As you pile up desired ingredients your burger increases in cost which you get a percent of in tip depending on how many condiments you drop or wrong items you put on your burger. By gaining money you get promoted to higher ranks going from cashier to CEO, which betters the look of your shop. This system of ranking up and about a dozen achievements give you something to come back for.


Another cool feature of the game is the occasional “Sky Burger” level in which there are no holds bar to what you can and can’t grab, you just have to avoid the top bun which ends it. These are the real money-makers and a good burst of excitement as you can try to break your previous high stack score. Whether it be how crisp and fresh the lettuce looks or the thought of what a burger with 24 consecutive slices of cheese would taste like, these levels never fail to get my salivary glands working.

The game offers two types of controls, one where you tilt the phone to make the stack go in the direction you want and another where you drag the bottom bun to one side or another. I highly recommend you go with the touch option, as it offers more control. One problem I have with the game is that if you are using touch mode it is very easy to accidentally pause the game by mistakenly tapping the center of the screen. Another is that by the time you reach the level of Manager you’ve already done all of the orders more than a few times. However a comprehensive statistics page which keeps track of your stats helps redeem the few problems.

The Good

  • Tantalizing burger stacking fun with creative orders
  • Ranking system and statistics page
  • Sky Burger levels to challenge your high score

The Bad

  • Accidental Pauses
  • Occasional video ads
  • Levels get repetitive as the game goes on



A refreshing spin on a classic food stacking game, with enough to work for to keep you playing for a while.


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