100 Balls

Some would dare to say that 100 Balls is the new Flappy Bird… I  have to disagree. It’s not nearly mindless enough to attract the hordes of brain dead fad followers that hopped on the Flappy Bird train. I’ll be the first to admit that I was one of them, but jeez did we take it a little over board. No, 100 balls is a simple game of precision and patience that will have you obsessing over each successive high score.

Game play is as follows. You start with 100 balls suspended in the middle of the screen. The goal is to drop the balls from their resting position, using the touch of a finger, into a series of rotating cups so that you don’t lose any balls or miss any cups. Each ball that falls into a cup is worth one point. As the game 100ballsprogresses, the cups begin to change color. Balls that fall into colored cups take on that color, and earn you more points each time you use that ball from then on. If a cup passes and you do not land any balls in it, you lose the cup. If you drop a ball and it misses the cup, you lose the ball. The cups speed up you gain points. That’s the game, easy peasy, anyone could play it. It’s so simple that you might wonder how you could ever lose. However, you inevitably will lose, at which point you’ll grunt and start again.

Pro Tips: If you want to get beat your high score, keep these guys in mind.

  • Don’t get caught empty handed. You only have 30 free balls at a time. The balls that you drop into cups are returned to the reservoir when the rotating cup arrives at the top of the screen. Beware the trap of using too many balls! Especially when you’re near the end of the game and you have less to work with, be sure to save at least one ball for each cup that comes around so that you don’t lose them.
  • Rack up the colored balls. Each new colored bucket provides balls that are worth more points. Once you’re comfortable with simple game play, try focusing your efforts on filling the buckets with the newest colors. You’ll find that high score a little easier to attain when you earn 8 points a ball rather than 1.
  • Sacrifice cups before balls. When the cups are moving really quick and you still have all eight, you might get overwhelmed and carelessly toss your balls in hopes of filling them. Slow down, even if it means losing a cup or two. It’s better to consolidate your efforts on few cups and keep all the balls than sloppily fill all eight and lose your reserves.


The Good

  • Fast-paced so that you won’t get bored trying to beat your high score
  • Tap to play keeps it simple
  • You will definitely get more than 12 points, unlike Flappy Bird

The Bad

  • High score games may cause insomnia
  • The original is only on the App Store. If you want it for an Android device, I suggest 100 Balls + (link provided below)



I love challenging myself, all I need is a good game that can remember my high score. Here we have it.


play store


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