Stickman Soccer

With all of the hype surrounding the World Cup, its no wonder this game rose towards the top of the App Store charts. One of Robert Szeleney’s series of  “Stickman (Insert Sport Here)” games, this is the first one by him that I’ve ever played. Upon starting my first game I appreciated the simple mechanics and controls, opting for the manual option as opposed to a simplified auto option where you only control passing and shooting, which was much like driving a car without arms. The game plays like a less sophisticated FIFA which makes it perfect for a mobile game. It played fluidly and free of glitches and after a couple games was quite easy to control. While you can start a season playing with the same team for multiple games I think that for long term playability there needs to be something to work towards such as unlocking teams or custom balls through winning or leveling up. For me this is usually the distinction from something being a good game or a great game.

Gameplay Screenshot

Screenshot of Gameplay

Another thing I found myself wanting was multiplayer. Being a simple sports game it lends itself perfectly to head to head play, whether it be Bluetooth with your buddy or online multiplayer. Despite these areas of potential improvement I appreciated that they didn’t shove ads in your face. They offer a fun second game mode called “Street Soccer” which has a smaller field and team as well as a fence that stops the ball from going out of bounds, however you have to watch three ads to unlock it. While this was a little annoying it was nowhere near as irritating as would have been if this feature was an in-app purchase, which I appreciated. All said and done if you have a 3-minute window to waste time Stickman Soccer is definitely worth the 99 cents.

The Good

  • Simple controls and fluid gameplay
  • Easy to pick up and play for a few minutes
  • No obtrusive ads or in-app purchases

The Bad

  • No long term objectives besides season play
  • No multiplayer
  • No customization of teams or balls



A solid soccer game with simple mechanics and playability, but lacking the depth and multiplayer to make it an outstanding game.


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