Def. Blendoku (noun) – a colorful puzzle game – of the latin “Blend” and Japanese “Sudoku” 

Blendoku is a puzzle game similar to sudoku, but rather than placing numbers into boxes you’re placing different colors. You are provided a few preplaced squares , but you must fill in the rest from a color bank so that the end result is a gradient from color to color to color. Five hundred levels means the game has a healthy shelf life, and varying degrees of difficulty will keep all but the trained artist challenged.

Blendoku Level

Blendoku is prime for your short wait situations: standing at the bus stop, waiting for your water to boil, or that awkward elevator ride with the guy who starts terrible chit chat if you look up from your phone for an instant. Easy levels shouldn’t take more than thirty seconds while the hard levels have taken me up to five minutes. Don’t feel too proud of yourself when you fly through the first fifty stages, soon enough you’ll be facing thirteen indiscernible shades of brown and a headache. Depending how generous you’re feeling, this game could be termed “educational”. Do you have any idea what the mix of teal and maroon looks like? I do. Thanks, Blendoku, for my first art lesson since the fourth grade.
If somehow you manage to defeat this game and are hungry for more palette mixing, download Bendoku. Made by the same two guys behind Blendoku, it’s their Benjamin Moore sponsored revamp. Same game, new levels, shameless corporate advertising.

The Good

  • Bountiful levels
  • Varying difficulty
  • Beautiful colors

The Bad

  • Some levels are repetitive
  • Master levels are difficult on a phone screen (intended for tablet)



Simple, creative, thoughtful. A puzzle game that doesn’t demand much but will keep the user entertained.


play store


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